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Announcing The United States Of Innovation 2017

"Tennessee’s Stony Creek Colors founder Sarah Bellos transformed a former tobacco-processing facility into the headquarters for her chemical-free-dye company."

Stony Creek Colors Is Convincing Tobacco Farmers To Grow Indigo

“Stony Creek Colors is convincing farmers who used to grow tobacco to switch to indigo plants and selling the natural blue dye to fabric producers”

Why Venture Capitalists Aren’t Funding The Businesses We Need

“The company grows indica in fields that once grew tobacco; the nontoxic dyes are used in high-end jeans from brands like J. Crew and Nudie.”

Meet the 2016 American Made Honoree Sarah Bellos

“American maker, Sarah Bellos of Stony Creek Colors, is devoted to making plant-based dyes on a commercial sale basis.”

Fixing fashion — brands swap synthetic for natural dyes

"Artisan labels have proven customers are ready to reject artificial and often harmful colourants. Now the industry must grow to scale."

Natural Indigo Maker Stony Creek Colors Raises $9M Series B

“The U.S. natural indigo supplier behind Cone Denim’s popular Natural Indigo Collection now has the seeds to accelerate growth.”

Women Are at the Forefront of the Fashion Revolution

“Pollution is the cheapest way to do business but [Stony Creek Colors] is trying to change that mindset.”

Is Natural Indigo More Sustainable than Synthetic?

“It may not be easy to scale natural indigo back up, but Stony Creek Colors in Tennessee is trying”

Our Jeans Are Ruining the Planet, But This Company Wants to Fix That

Stony Creek grows legumes, which pull nitrogen out of the air and put it into the soil, where future crops can use it to grow. (High nitrogen content is considered a sign of good soil health)” “Our Jeans Are Ruining the Planet, But This Company Wants to Fix That”

How Stony Creek Colors Works with TN Farmers to Grow Indigo

"Instead of asking farmers to purchase expensive equipment upfront, Bellos’ team provides the seeds or seedlings, and the farmers plant and tend the fields."

Creating Sustainable, Renewable Dyes One Plant at a Time

“Stony Creek Colors sits on the cusp of a burgeoning desire to offer and promote more environmentally conscious fashion choices.”

This Tennessee startup is leading the denim industry’s green revolution

“The clothing that we wear and the colors that are part of our everyday life should be clean and nontoxic and from a transparent and traceable supply chain."

Natural Indigo is Back Thanks to Stony Creek Colors

“With a mindful, innovative approach, Stony Creek Colors developed the process and chemistry to create a bio-based indigo that can be seamlessly integrated into current fiber mill processes.”

A natural denim by way of Middle Tennessee

“Stony Creek Colors is pioneering a new strategy that relies on natural indigo plants grown in Middle Tennessee.”

True Blue

"Sarah Bellos’ vision of denim as a product that epitomises a modern America, rather than the mythical country of the past, is gathering momentum. Many new US-based boutique labels, from Tellason and Imogene + Willie to 3sixteen and one-man operation Roy Slaper, have built up a committed following over the last decade, while industry giant Levi Strauss seems to have executed a significant turnaround."

A Case for Natural Indigo

“Stony Creek is on a mission to see natural indigo represented in the market and work with mills to provide easy-to-implement solutions. They have built several innovations into the dye production process to minimize the batch-to-batch variation that’s typical with natural dyes.”  

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