For nearly a decade, Stony Creek Colors has invested in research and development that has brought clean, 100% plant-based colors to thousands of garments with some of the world’s leading fashion brands. Our completely traceable supply chain helps these companies meet important circularity and sustainability goals in their designs that satisfy consumers. We are proud to have worked with values-driven brands that want to deliver high-quality products that are safe for people and good for the planet.

Other Partnerships


Mill partnerships are integral in helping Stony Creek Colors natural dye reach a significant industrial scale and continue to serve as a competitive alternative to harmful synthetic options. We work with mills to ensure that our plant-based dyes reach the highest quality performance and efficiency to fit in flawlessly with their existing systems.


Unlike other indigo suppliers, we make our dye 100% from plants. This means family farms and soil health are at the heart of what we do. In our vertically integrated model, indigo is grown in partnership with family farms as a regenerative rotational crop. Through those ongoing relationships we help growers make a seamless transition from tobacco to indigo. The indigo varieties we plant serve as an enriching crop that fixes nitrogen and captures carbon in the soil. Alongside our farm partners, our team is developing crops that bring health to the earth and prosperity to farms.


At-home dyeing is one way to breathe new life into an existing wardrobe and improve circularity. Stony Creek Colors is proud to see how the artisan dye community brings our plant-based products into their homes and businesses. Our shoppable natural dyes empower individual consumers with a creative process that fully aligns with their values and safety standards. Shop our dyes or visit the Artisans Resources page for inspiration and technical support.