From Farms
to Fashion Supply Chains

From Farms to
Fashion Supply Chains

Using our Color With Life® technology to grow the future of plant-based dyes

Using our Color With Life® technology to grow the future of plant-based dyes

Our Mission

is to make traceable, plant-based dyes that

Farm Ecosystems

Climate Change

Empower People with Safer, Cleaner Color

What We Do

We make dyes 100% from plants. For our natural indigo, this means having the same basic chemistry as synthetic indigo, without the harmful chemicals. Combined with our extraction method, our renewable process yields consistent and quality dye products that serve as an easy "drop-in" replacement to synthetic indigo for both industrial mills and at-home dyers.


We develop techniques to improve profitability and ecosystem health for farmers, while working with brands, mills and artisan dyers to guarantee greater safety and traceability in their dye systems and indigo products.





Where You've Seen Us

In the News

“Artisan labels have proven customers are ready to reject artificial and often harmful colourants. Now the industry must grow to scale.”

”Stony Creek Colors is convincing farmers who used to grow tobacco to switch to indigo plants and selling the natural blue dye to fabric producers.”

“The company grows indica in fields that once grew tobacco; the nontoxic dyes are used in high-end jeans from brands like J. Crew and Nudie.”

Stony Creek Colors produces the world’s only 100% certified plant-based indigo. We pursue global certifications to ensure denim brands and artisans get the traceable, plant-derived product their consumers demand.