Maya Blue Pigment

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30 g: 25g (0.06 lb)

Maya blue is not only an amazing ancient color, it is a fun blue for making pastels or watercolors from natural pigments.  This maya blue is made from our Tennessee and Kentucky-grown natural indigo. 

Tired of wasting precious natural indigo on failed attempts at blue soap?  We have the solution! We complex our US-grown natural indigo with a clay in an ancient process (known as Maya Blue) that binds the indigo so it goes further in soap coloring. Screenprinting, painting and other textile surface applications are possible too! 

For soap, we recommend anywhere from 1/2 tsp/lb of soap to 2 tsp/lb of soap depending on how dark you want it. This is for cold process soap. If you add to a melt-and-pour base you will actually get more of a purple.