Osage Orange Chips

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Imbued with the vitality of nature, osage orange dye comes from the heartwood of the tree, and colors can range from vibrant yellows to deep olive greens. 

Our yellow dye is made from shredded wood chips of Maclura pomifera trees. In our effort to replace synthetic colors with safe and clean plant-based dyes, we source our osage orange from already felled trees cleared by local arborists in the Nashville area and chip them ourselves.  

We recommend using 40% WOF (weight of fiber) in combination with alum for bright yellows, with alum and myrobalan for lightfast yellows, or with iron for an earthy olive green. Pair with our natural indigo, by over or under-dying, to yield bright leafy and emerald green hues.

To ensure good color fixation use our myrobalan and aluminum sulfate mordants.

View our Osage Orange Recipe or visit our Artisans Resource page for FAQs and inspiration.

Please contact us directly for bulk order pricing. Sample quantities below 10 lbs or 5kg can be purchased directly online.