Natural Indigo Powder (25%)

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Our natural indigo powder is an extract prepared from Indigofera varieties, a leguminous crop capable of improving farm soil health. Indigo has been a source of colorfast blues for centuries and produces shades ranging from pale sky blue, classic navy, deep ultramarine, to even black. 

This batch of natural Indigo powder is approximately 25% indigotin, the famous blue compound indigo is known for, and 2-4% indirubin, the purple component for a richer, more vibrant dye. The powder goes into solution easily and produces a cleaner plant-based alternative for a vibrant blue. 

Your purchase contributes to the revitalization of traceable plant-based dyes and helps to fight climate change. Our plants are grown by US farmers as a clean crop alternative and responsibly harvested by Stony Creek Colors. Our natural dyes are extracted at our owned facility in Springfield, Tennessee.

View our Indigo Vat Recipes or visit our Artisans Resource page for FAQs and inspiration.

Please contact us directly for bulk order pricing. Sample quantities below 10 lbs or 5kg can be purchased directly online.


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