Madder Paste Extract

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Our madder extract, Rubia tinctorum also known as “common madder”, delivers a safe plant-based dye into a concentrated and easy-to-use paste.  

One of the oldest dyestuffs, madder produces deep reds and an array of vibrant terracotta oranges, pale pinks, purple, and warm browns. Though there are few red-producing dyes, they create a color strong in both light and wash fastness, and are therefore considered some of the most valuable of natural dyes. 

We currently work with a farmer group in India to source our madder root and within a few years, we hope to have a built-up seed supply and production method to source sufficient root quantity in the US.

For a clear, deep red, use alum mordant and calcium carbonate (chalk).  After dyeing, iron can be used as a post-mordant for a muted purple.  To make terracotta oranges, a mild acid, like cream of tartar, can be added.  Our paste can be reused several times.

To ensure good color fixation pre-mordant with tannins, like our myrobalan, or our alum.

View our Madder Paste Recipe or visit our Artisans Resource page for FAQs and inspiration.


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