IndiGold® 5% - Small Bottle

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The Small Bottle includes 50g of IndiGold® dye and due to its size is recommended for both inexperienced and expert-level dyers and/or small-scale workshops. Depending on garment size and depth of shade, this bottle can dye roughly 10-15 individual pieces.

IndiGold® - Pre-reduced Natural Indigo Liquid (5%) is a US farmer-grown product, harvested & produced by Stony Creek Colors in Springfield, TN. IndiGold® is the world's first pre-reduced natural dye, available in an easy-to-use, liquid form. 

Plant-based indigo dye has a long history of cosmetic uses, such as coloring hair. You can also make a quick indigo vat for garment dyeing. 

Your purchase contributes to the revitalization of traceable plant-based dyes and helps to fight climate change. 

Visit here for more information on IndiGold®.


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