Southern Hues Manifesto

We believe in the inherent beauty and value of nature, individuals, and community.

We believe that people do and feel their best when the work they do is filled with integrity and quality.

We are individually and collectively motivated by leaving the earth in better condition than when we got here.

We are personally in awe and inspired by the resiliency of earth, and as a growers/ farmers we seek to put life back into the soil.

We believe in a new generation will find ways to help nature thrive while meeting the needs and desires of the community.

We believe communities must reclaim and innovate ways of meeting their needs closer to home, through bioregionalism, so we may minimize our impact on distant communities and wilderness..

We believe that building an agrarian economy of small landholders will improve the resiliency and sustainability of our regional communities.

We believe in a new generation that loves and respects the earth and seeks good work where they can make a living as a responsible steward.

Our purpose is to improve the sustainability of our landscape by creating opportunities for the next generation of land stewards to practice sustainable agriculture and thrive.