Madder Paste Extract

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Our madder extract, Rubia tinctorum also known as “common madder”, delivers a safe plant-based dye into a concentrated and easy-to-use paste.  

One of the oldest dyestuffs, madder produces deep reds and an array of vibrant terracotta oranges, pale pinks, purple, and warm browns. Though there are few red-producing dyes, they create a color strong in both light and wash fastness, and are therefore considered some of the most valuable of natural dyes. 

We currently work with a farmer group in India to source our madder root and within a few years, we hope to have a built-up seed supply and production method to source sufficient root quantity in the US.

For a clear, deep red, use alum mordant and calcium carbonate (chalk).  After dyeing, iron can be used as a post-mordant for a muted purple.  To make terracotta oranges, a mild acid, like cream of tartar, can be added.  Our paste can be reused several times.

To ensure good color fixation pre-mordant with tannins, like our myrobalan, or our alum.

View our Madder Paste Recipe or visit our Artisans Resource page for FAQs and inspiration.

Please contact us directly for bulk order pricing. Sample quantities below 10 lbs or 5kg can be purchased directly online.


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