Fructose Powder

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Fructose Powder is a simple sugar derived from a variety of plants and fruits and it serves as a great reducing agent. Reducing agents remove oxygen from an indigo vat so the indigo becomes soluble in water and will bond to fibers. High in alkalinity, adding fructose increases the absorption and vibrancy of color. Fructose vats dye both cellulose (plant-derived) and protein (animal-derived) fibers well.

We recommend using this powder to feed and maintain your fructose vat, using the “1-2-3 vat” method. Perfect for beginners, the 1-2-3 method was developed by renowned chemist and botanist Michel Garcia and includes three ingredients: indigo pigment as the source of color, a component to elevate the pH, and a reducing agent.

Follow this simple recipe for a safe and plant-based vat: 1 part indigo, 2 parts lime, and 3 parts fructose.