Black Walnut Paste

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Our extract is sourced directly from 100% waste walnut hulls from local hulling stations around Tennessee and Kentucky.  We take what would normally become agricultural waste and give it new life.

This Black Walnut Paste is 7% solids content that is concentrated into an easy-to-use paste from the eastern American black walnut (Juglans nigra) tree's walnut hulls. As a substantive dye, walnut ranges from warm taupes and dark browns to mustard yellows and mauve pinks without the need of a mordant.

We now have an improved formula for cotton. Our improved formula yields higher and more saturated dye content and has been specially formulated for natural dyers. Black walnut contains juglone and tannins to produce saturated colors and provides extra depth in combination with other dyes. Our product turns fabric darker when post-mordanted with Iron, while other “natural walnut browns” cannot offer the same results.

Since this is a natural product, it is inherently variable and unique, adding to the beauty of plant-based color. 

Please contact us directly for bulk order pricing. Sample quantities below 10 lbs or 5kg can be purchased directly online.

View our Black Walnut Paste Recipe or visit our Artisans Resource page for FAQs and inspiration.