Natural Indigo Paste

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A one-of-a-kind indigo paste product can produce shades ranging from pale sky blue, classic navy, deep ultramarine, to even black. Prepared from Indigofera varieties, a leguminous crop capable of improving farm soil health, our custom blend natural Indigo paste is a consistent, soluble liquid that easily goes into reduction. 

This batch of natural Indigo paste is approximately 10% indigotin, the famous blue compound indigo is known for, and 1-2% indirubin, the purple component for a richer, more vibrant dye. The paste goes into leuco-indigo form beautifully, transforming from the clear, yellow hue of your vat to a saturated blue once oxidized. 

Since this is a natural product, it is inherently variable and unique, adding to the beauty of plant-based color. 

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