Myrobalan Powder

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Myrobalan dyestuff comes from ground nuts of the Terminalia chebula tree acting as both a dye or a mordant for cellulose fibers, like cotton and linen. We source this extract from a farmer group in India, bringing an important supplemental income to rural families in the region. 

As a dye, Myrobalan produces light buttery yellow, creamy sand, warm umber, and earthy muted browns. As a mordant, myrobalan helps to bind dye with fiber and retain as much of the dyes’ original hue for improved colorfastness.

As Osage provides a brighter but less colorfast yellow than Myrobalan, we recommend pairing the two to balance brilliance and fastness. Myrobalan is also a good foundation for over-dyeing with Indigo, allowing for a tinted teal.

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