Fructose Vat - Natural Indigo Dye Kit

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We designed this no-frills Fructose Vat Natural Indigo Dye Kit for beginner dyers who are interested in natural indigo dyeing but are unsure where to start. This kit has an accompanying recipe, vetted by our chemists and tested by other first-time dyers and experienced artisans.

This Fructose Vat recipe is based on the traditional indigo vats of Morocco, India, and Provence and was developed and revived by Michel Garcia. It relies on the chemical reactions between a mineral alkali and a natural reducing agent to remove excess oxygen (a chemical process called reduction). Reduction takes the oxygen from the indigo dye molecule liberating and allowing it to be soluble in water and to attach and bond to fibers. Natural reducing agents absorb oxygen and are known as antioxidants. They include dried and fresh sugar-rich fruits, minerals, flavonoids, medicinal plants, and even other dye-plants and substances (henna, dates, iron/ferrous sulfate/copperas, yeast). 

Fructose Vat Includes:

- 100g Powdered Stony Creek Colors 25% natural indigo
- 200g Calcium hydroxide
- 300g Fructose Crystals 

    Please refer to our recipes and follow along with our video tutorial for detailed instructions.

    Your purchase contributes to the revitalization of traceable plant-based dyes and helps to fight climate change. Our plants are grown by US farmers as a clean crop alternative and responsibly harvested by Stony Creek Colors. Our natural dyes are extracted at our owned facility in Springfield, Tennessee.